L’humain au coeur de l’entreprise.

En améliorant le bien-être et l’efficacité des femmes et des hommes qui la constituent, nous améliorons la performance de l'entreprise.

Course description

Nowadays a lot of projects require the participation of people who do not necessarily report to the project leader. In addition, with globalisation more and more projects involve team members who are located in different geographies.
Much more than technologies, it is the relationships between team members that play a crucial role in the success or failure of a project.    
In this course you will discover and discuss the keys elements for successful management of a virtual team and learn how to set up and lead one.

Course objectives

At the end of the seminar, you will be able to:

  • Identify the kind of virtual team you are building or working on
  • Define goals, roles and processes for your virtual team

Course topics:

  • What is a virtual team? Types of virtual teams. New ways of working. Challenges.
  • Leadership. Setting up the team. Common goals. Roles.
  • Communication structure. Technologies. Frequency of meetings and interactions. Balancing remote and face-to-face contacts.
  • Building trust. Building relationships. Effective communication. Cross-cultural understanding.
  • Measuring progress.


This training session can be followed or replaced by a workshop “Setting up a virtual team” involving all the members of a virtual team. This workshop will include real-life practice of the course content and features team-building exercises based on improvisation theatre techniques.

Course Length

2 days

Target audience

Managers, team leaders, and project managers leading teams in which members are working remotely and/or are not hierarchically reporting to them.