L’humain au coeur de l’entreprise.

En améliorant le bien-être et l’efficacité des femmes et des hommes qui la constituent, nous améliorons la performance de l'entreprise.


A more personal, sincere touch and a focus on your natural communication styles

A broader array of communication tools at your disposal

Enhance the company's image

Workshop Course

Acting techniques for bolder delivery

  • Create strong openings and closings
  • Capture and maintain audience interest and attention using interactive techniques
  • Enhancing vocal delivery: volume, articulation, modulation
  • Making eye contact
  • Adding positive body language
  • Capturing the audience with a compelling question or anecdote

Apply innovative design techniques to create powerful presentations

  • Prepare an effective presentation by organizing key points into a coherent story
  • Mind mapping as a presentation design tool:

- Rapidly capturing presentation ideas

- Structuring content for clarity

- Converting mind maps into presentations  

Who can benefit

Anyone who needs to develop the ability to create and confidently deliver memorable presentations.

Course Duration

2 days